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Leviathans Cross Keyring

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Leviathans Cross Keyring

*on sale as due to slight dent in the glass cover*


The Alchemical symbol of Sulfur, also known as Leviathans Cross (or Satans Cross). The Sigil is covered with clear glass.Silver sigil on black background.

Often associated with the fire and brimstone of hell. 

- Hand drawn/made, and constructed from specially sourced materials (recycled materials where possible). 
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"To [...] alchemists, the oily characteristics of their Sulfur were described in just the same manner. The Sulfur was seen as the individual signature of the plant, animal, mineral, or metal in question. It was what gave each form of life its own unique characteristics. It was the closest material manifestation of a universal principle that gave all of life its spark and being. This source of all was known to the alchemists as Prima Materia. It was the alchemists First Matter". Avery, lead Alchemist of Kymia Arts.


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