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Sigil of Lucifer

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Sigil of Lucifer

Luciferian Sigil keyring - silver painted sigil on black stock. The Sigil is covered with clear glass.

The sigil originates in the sixteenth century Italian "Grimoirium Verum", or “Grimoire of Truth.” Used in conjunction with other symbols, the original purpose of the sigil was to aid in a visual invocation of the angel Lucifer. 

It is probably derived from an earlier work, most likely drawn from a magic square whose origins are now lost. The emblem is sometimes referred to as the “Seal of satan,” although this is not a historical usage.

- Hand drawn/made, and constructed from specially sourced materials (recycled materials where possible)
- Shipping from the European Union; see full expected shipping times here.
- Questions? Contact us directly at this link or info@exa-waspus.com.

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