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Naberius Sigil - (Silver/Gold)

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Naberius Sigil - (Silver/Gold)

Sigil of Naberius - Lord of Cunning - drawn in silver with gold dotwork surrounding it. Covered with clear protective glass. 

- Hand drawn/made, and constructed from specially sourced materials (recycled materials where possible). 
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The Lesser Book of Solomon (in Goeita) entry for Naberius: 

"The twenty fourth spirit is Naberius. He is a most valiant Marquis, and showeth in the form of a Black crane fluttering about the circle, and when he speaketh it is with a hoarse voice. He maketh men cunning in all the Arts and Sciences, but especially in the Art of Rhetoric. He restoreth lost Dignities and Honours. He governeth 19 legions of spirits. His Seal is this, which is to be worn, etc."  

Naberius as mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology (R.E. Guiley)

"Fallen Angel and twenty fourth of the seventy two spirits of Solomon. Naberius is a Marquis [ ... ] in a hoarse voice, he imparts skill in arts and sciences, especially Rhetoric."

The Sigil is covered with clear glass, and the (antique silver tone) pin is approximately 38mm circ.

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